Preparation of Expatriate and Family

An expatriate package is designed to cover the expenses associated with moving an employee (and accompanying family) for a temporary period of assignment abroad. On the other hand, the package should compensate the employee for managing double household and the hardship of living in a difficult location.

The pre-assignment briefing contains key details about expatriate package so that the assignee will be better prepared to manage the contract requirements. Our briefing sessions will;

  • enable questions and suggestions to be fed back from assignees to the company management
  • ensure greater awareness and involvement of all involved parties of the assignment
  • ensure that there is less misunderstanding regarding the terms and conditions agreed in the contract
  • ensure clear understanding of roles and responsibilities of all involved parties of the assignment
  • ensure that assignees are kept up to date on policy changes

Human resources departments often have a hard time managing the expectations of employees going on assignment abroad. Our preparation and briefing sessions are facilitated as on-site trainings - both pre-departure or post-arrival.

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How we work


This program consists of a customized presentation of possible challenges your company will be facing when sending your employees on temporary assignments to other countries


Our training program can be set up as workshops with the key decision makers in your company to identify the tasks and agree upon the steps to be taken care of in each employee mobility case.


We provide the practical assistance to make sure that the steps that are identified in the workshop session are taken care of in both home and host countries. You will save time and money by outsourcing the mobility process to us.