Payroll and Reporting

A small population of expatriate employees can represent a relatively higher proportion of time on administering expatriate payroll. Expatriate payroll demand some specific strategies and tailor-made systems to handle;

  • accurate delivery of compensation, benefits, and other policy-driven expatriate allowances in one or more currencies and
  • compliant reporting and tax payments in one or more countries concurrently

The effective interaction of the home and host payroll is therefore critical for accurate payroll reporting, tax payments, and accurate net pay delivery to the expatriate.

Companies may be exposed to substantial risk and sizable penalties if reporting of salaries and benefits are not in accordance with the appropriate authority.

Our experience and knowledge of best practices will help you to operate an expatriate payroll for short- and long-term assignments. Our services will include;

  • liaison with Payroll Accounting staff in your company to ensure proper payment of expat payroll-related compensation, including expat allowances and home/host benefit deductions,
  • coordinate critical changes on your international assignment policy with the payroll,
  • assist the Payroll staff with grossing up of net compensation in accordance with the relevant tax rules,
  • assist the Payroll staff with proper reporting of expat payroll-related compensation on year end statement (LTO in Norway),
  • assist the Payroll staff with collecting payments from host-country to prepare total cost overview,
  • assist the Payroll staff with reporting tax and social security paid in the host country.

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How we work


This program consists of a customized presentation of possible challenges your company will be facing when sending your employees on temporary assignments to other countries


Our training program can be set up as workshops with the key decision makers in your company to identify the tasks and agree upon the steps to be taken care of in each employee mobility case.


We provide the practical assistance to make sure that the steps that are identified in the workshop session are taken care of in both home and host countries. You will save time and money by outsourcing the mobility process to us.