Insurance is a way of managing risk with the aim of protecting people against possible unwanted outcome. Some forms of insurance are required by law, while others are optional. Risks that are normally not covered by the state social security system need to be covered by private insurance.

People used to be more careful about the properties and tend to have full coverage for risks related to properties.

  • House insurance covers fire and other property damage to your home. House insurance is usually required in most countries.
  • Contents insurance covers damage and loss of your belongings.
  • Motor vehicle insurance will pay to repair or replace your car if these events occur.

If you fall sick and can’t work you are unable to earn your normal income. If you die in an accident or due to some serious illness, the survivors should have adequate income to continue their lives.

Are you properly insuring your health risks?

  • Medical insurance covers private hospital and other medical bills.
  • Critical illness (also called trauma) provides a lump sum if you suffer from certain illnesses such as cancer or heart disease.
  • Income protection insurance pays a percentage of your income on an on-going basis if you suffer from named illnesses.
  • Disability insurance pays out a lump sum for permanent disablement through sickness or accident.
  • In almost all countries, workers are subject to work-related accident insurance.
  • Life insurance coverage helps the survivors in the family. It provides a lump sum of money if you die.
  • Travel insurance policies cover your belongings against loss or theft, extra costs you may need to pay if your flights are cancelled, and medical treatment if you have an accident or become ill.

Your rights while working outside Norway depend on the regulations of the National Insurance Scheme and the regulations of relevant agreements with other countries. Unless exempt under applicable agreements between home and host countries, an assignee is supposed to buy insurance in the host country to cover the risks mentioned above.

We have partnership agreement with global insurance providers. Our knowledge and experience will secure you the best possible solution.

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How we work


This program consists of a customized presentation of possible challenges your company will be facing when sending your employees on temporary assignments to other countries


Our training program can be set up as workshops with the key decision makers in your company to identify the tasks and agree upon the steps to be taken care of in each employee mobility case.


We provide the practical assistance to make sure that the steps that are identified in the workshop session are taken care of in both home and host countries. You will save time and money by outsourcing the mobility process to us.